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    Team of Austrian-Russian Consulting Centre welcomes you on the pages of its new website. We have created this resource because we know the realities of doing business in Russia and work to ensure your success in Russian business environment. We hope that this website will be a source of relevant and useful information, as well as the vehicle to clarify the emerging issues and to obtain advice through interactive communication. And, of course, we are always happy to meet personnally. 

    Sincerely, team of Austrian-Russian Consulting Centre.

    Free economic zone


    Legal Advisory Practice Normative legal support for business
    Investment Analysis Practice Assessment for factors and indicators to determine suitable strategies
    Quality Management & Processes Practice Implementation of standards for production, security, food, environment, management, etc.
    Construction Regulatory Practice Documentation background and successful entry
    Marketing & Research Practice Market research, go-to-market strategies development and implementation
    Insurance Practice Risks insurance
    Start in Russia Practice Consulting and business accompaniment
    Russian economy opens up bright opportunities and at the same time some issues far from being called simple. This fact is evident both for start-uppers in Russia and for the existing market players. Once became a client of Austrian-Russian Consulting Centre, you’ll gain a reliable assistant in meeting challenges of running business in Russia. Austrian-Russian Consulting Centre’s focus is to serve the clients by providing high quality professional services that address their business issues in law, risks insurance, marketing and operations, certification of products and services, entering to SRO and investment analysis. Austrian-Russian Consulting Centre brings deep and functional expertise, confidentiality and integrity in clients’ relationship.
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